Monday, April 17

Pink Kryptonite?

Wha??? Pink Kryptonite? While I was researching on the different Kryptonites... there is not only red, green, gold... there is also blue, white, black, X-Kryptonite, Magno-Kryptonite (no not Mango!), Kryptonite-X, and PINK??!!!

According to Wikipedia:
Pink Kryptonite
: From an alternate timeline in a 2003 Supergirl storyline by Peter David, this variety of kryptonite apparently turned heterosexual Kryptonians into homosexuals; it was seen in just one panel, with Superman giving flattering compliments to Jimmy Olsen about his wardrobe and decorative sense. It spoofs the many varieties of kryptonite introduced over the years, as well as the more "innocent times" of the Silver Age. (Lois Lane is depicted in this story as not understanding what's gotten into Superman.) This version of kryptonite has not been used in mainstream comics continuity.

Ay lord.