Monday, April 17

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/17

Silvio Nascimento
Hot model, part of Terra Brazil's The Boy which I just love. Nascimento means birth in Spanish. They have a new model every month which I learned from my favorite blog:

For more on Terra's the Boy click here.

Pedro Moreno
He was in a popular Colombian Telemundo novela "La Mujer en el Espejo" and he's cuban. Sure, he looks stuck up but with that body, how can't he? Those eyes I just can fall in.

Will Kemp
This British beauty (is a dancer) did a Gap commercial where he danced a few years ago. Last year he did promotional photos with Sarah Jessica Parker. He has been doing stage. He was Velkan the werewolf in the supersmash flop Van Helsing.

I love a man in a kilt. He is currently filming Miguel and William where he plays William Shakespeare, yet another movie where Shakespeare is in love.