Tuesday, April 11

Brokeback Mountain DVD Review

I was going to scan my own dvd but heck. I love dvd bonus features, especially director commetaries. I am the kind of person that loves hearing commentaries. Some people can't stand it. But there are ones I can't go through like of technical directors like the commentary of Michael Gershman on Buffy the Vampire Slayer third season episode Consequences. Anyway, I degress, this DVD has NO COMMENTARY. I know Ang Lee doesn't talk much but I liked his commentary along with writer James Schamus for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. James really helped him out. Anyway, Brokeback is such a beautiful movie, astnoishing scenery, Ang should speak up. Maybe he feels the movie speaks for itself but it ain't Passion of the Christ. Thank goodness Mel didn't do commentary for that. That movie didn't move my mom, for Brokeback... SHE HAD TO HOLD BACK THE TEARS!!!

Besides those reasons, there are four featurettes (sp) that are lackluster. One special from the gay themed Logo Network that is not so deep, one ass-kissing Ang with laughable commentaries from
Anna Faris (Scary Movie franchise) in her costume and Linda Cardellini (E.R.), and two other 'eh'-features. I didn't expect Deleted scenes but atleast a little more love. Atleast some on Gustavo Santaolalla, Oscar winning Argentiean Composer of the theme that makes me cry everytime. He won 10 grammys before for his work with Cafe Tacuba and Juanes. He carries the Oscar around with him in a tottie bag.

Here is some six degrees for ya... Ofcourse Scary Movie 4 must parody the movie and Anna Faris is in the movie. Also,
Kate Mara who plays Ennis' daughter at the end of the movie was part of the lesbian triad with son Matt (the Michael Jackson lookalike) on Nip/Tuck. For those who don't know, Kate played Vanessa, Matt's girlfriend who incouraged him to have a circumision when in reality she was in love with another girl. She then convinces him into a threesome when she is the closeted one but more into it than her. I still feel the movie casted former WBers... not only the obvious one but before-mentioned Linda and Anna. The only one from theater was the guy David Harbour who played the guy (Randall Malone) who wanted to open a farm with Jack, husband of Anna's character LaShawn.