Monday, September 5

Show Biz Bugs uncensored on Cartoon Network

Usually the end of Show Biz Bugs gets cut out by the Cartoon Network but I applaud them for having it uncut and uncensored, at 6 in the morning--after Adult Swim but it is at least something. Other times I see it, they cut it out completely. The scene I'm talking about is in order to impress the audience, Daffy performs a deadly stunt (which he refers as "an act that no other performer has dared to execute!"), by drinking some gasoline, some nitroglycerin, some gunpowder, and some uranium 238, "shake well," and swallowing a lit match ("Girls, you better hold onto your boyfriends!"), causing him to explode. The audience loves the performance, but Daffy (now a transparent ghost and ascending to heaven) "can only do it once."

Cartoon Network has, at times, aired the original ending uncensored. When censoring, CN typically aired the original ending, but edited it by removing Daffy drinking the gasoline and replace it with a frozen shot of Bugs staring at something from off-stage. Starting in 2003, CN had used the BBC and WB version of the ending (minus the addition of audience applause or laughter). The syndicated Merrie Melodies version, several local station airings, and the version that aired on ABC's "Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show" left in the ending, but cut Daffy drinking the gasoline, so that way it looks as if he drinks the nitroglycerin first. This is also how the short is shown on the Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie.