Tuesday, September 13

Ringer Review

I believe Sarah Michelle Gellar is a great actress, Emmy-worthy. I am surprised she has not been on Law & order or CSI. I believe she belongs on a  high profile network like NBC or CBS. After watching Ringer, I believe it also belongs on NBC or CBS, at least for a bigger budget. Sarah plays both Twin roles of Siobhan and Bridget. I don't like the name Siobhan by the way, it seems like trying to hard to have a snobby name. I say that because of the production values, the twins go on a boat and it looks really fake. The effects of the twins look okay, but sometimes it is too obvious. Bridget is a recovering addict/former stripper running away from a killer out to get her because of something she witnessed. She goes to stay with Siobhan, who leads her to believe she committed suicide. So Bridget pretends to be Siobhan, thinking she is dead and taking a new life. Siobhan's husband is played by Ioan Gruffudd, who has kept his British accent, thank god. Ioan has the same problem as Sarah, great actors, have cult following but fallen into dead-end movies, like Fantastic Four.

Sarah does some terrific acting in juggling the roles and when pretending to be Siobhan, you can tell it is Bridget. But after watching Buffy's seven seasons repeatedly, I already know her inflections, mannerisms and pauses, which she has not changed. But the show does fall into a soap opera. Sarah says it is a noir/soap opera, but I wish it had less of that soap opera-ish music. Nestor Carbonell is as hot and on his game as ever.