Sunday, September 25

Desperate Housewives FInal Season Premiere Review

I've watched this show since the beginning, some people have given up on it and some didn't even see it, but I stuck through. This night soap opera is starting to show its age. While other premieres felt like the final season, this feels like a spin-off special. Same tired predictable jokes like Vanessa Williams flirting with the new neighbor (Carlos Mesure) and being shut down. Where we were left last year was that Gaby's abusive step-father attacked her and Carlos killed him and the four women decided to cover it up and bury the man. Now hiding this secret is tearing them apart--Susan barely hangs out with them and is getting guilty; Gaby tries getting Carlos to confess to a priest; Brie plays double-agent with her detective boyfriend Jonathan Cake and Lynette is separated from her husband Tom. Now the logic thing would had been to not bury the man, get Carlos arrested and acquitted for self-defense and 8 years of predicaments like this, you would think the ladies would know better. But, eh, its the last year and they are forgiven.