Tuesday, September 20

Glee Season 3 Premiere Review

Where everyone was wondering about Mercedes and Sam, that storyline was quickly dumped as Sam's character was written out off screen, his dad getting a job and moving far away. In the summer, Will and Emma have gotten into bed, Mercedes has gotten a new black football player and Quinn is rebelling by leaving the glee club and the cheerleaders and torching a piano. Will gets these purple pianos to get new talent (As they lost Lauren, Sam and Quinn). They manage to get Blaine, who Kurt convinces to join the group. Those who watched Glee Project and ate paying attention, the only one to appear so far is Lindsey as a similar Rachel part of a group trying to get into an Arts college in New York that Rachel and Kurt want to get into it. Santana is put in the middle, again to figure out her alliance as she is made co-captains with Becky and Miss Bad Ass Sue has an agenda to destroy all arts in the county.

I have to see again to review the episode, if it was good or not, but it definitely was entertaining and refreshing to catch up with the gang. I am sure glad to see Blaine in the Glee group. The biggest shocker comes at the end of the episode where one member is kicked out. Finn and Blaine have some fiction, which was more Finn. Kurt announces he will be running for class president. The episode definitely establishes the challenges of the season, a common enemy and people unite. Some things don't change: Will good, Sue bad. Tina and Mike are together, Kurt and Blaine still hot, and Will and Emma finally together, but they have new 'jobs' and new platforms (Sue running for a position to cut the arts). And Quinn now is on the outskirts, which I feel it is true to her character as Quinn is full of it.She has her own journey to go through.