Monday, September 5

"La Barbie" the living Ken Doll Kingpin?

Edgar Valdez-Villareal is a wealthy businessman from Laredo, Texas, who has hit the big time, raking in millions of dollars. He was a high school football standout. Valdez's nickname, La Barbie, came from his American football coach at United High School; due to his light skin, green eyes, and facial features, he was compared to a Ken doll. At the time of his arrest there was a $2.4 million reward offered by the Mexican government for information leading to his arrest, and a $2 million reward offered by the U.S. for information leading to his capture. He was indicted in the U.S. in June of 2010 for cocaine trafficking, and was indicted by the federal government of Mexico in 2002 for conspiring to distribute marijuana.

 So why bring this up? Because I found it funny that his coach didn't call him Ken but La Barbie, because of his ignorance. It's just funny. And he is chubbier now, doesn't look like a Ken doll anymore.