Friday, September 30

Project Runway: Joshua should had left

I know that the judges of Project Runway send people home by the garment in the challenge and not the talent of the past, but Joshua should had been sent home. He had a near meltdown when they told him his outfit was horrible (it was more 80's than 70's)---even though Anthony Ryan's wasn't great either, at least it was 70's and not like Joshua's and Joshua even almost burst when Victor simply said he knew the 70's from movies, even though he wasn't born in it. Joshua asked like they were asking for outfits inspired by the 1470's and like the 70's was this faraway decade. I was born in the 80's and know 20's fashion more or less and am not a fashion guy. Anyway, Anthony is a cancer survive and he was positive about his farewell, so more power to him! Heidi even said he was cute. By the way, Anya was a make-it-work example as she lost her $100 and made an outfit with Anthony's $11.50 and became the winner!