Friday, September 16

Andre Pejic taken off FHM Magazine 100 Sexiest Women

Serb-Bosnian Australian Andrej Pejic is all the rage in the Fashion World. In March, he was voted 98th of FHM Magazine's Sexiest Women. FHM quickly pulled off his picture in their online version but it remained in the printed version. Some people say it had unlined homophobic. And it doesn't seem like FHM has realized an official statement about the retraction. Andrej is 20 and has modeled in Women's and Men's clothing. Andrej says men still offer to buy him a beer even after the clarification.

"The difference is that he is still biologically a man. Pejic said he does not take hormones to alter his appearance, and he has never had to shave his face. While he does consider himself to fall under the transgender umbrella, Pejic said he has no plans to undergo any surgeries. “I feel comfortable the way I am,” he said. “I don’t feel the need to alter my body significantly.” Happy in his own skin, Pejic readily admits that his look doesn’t just blur the line between male and female, it seems to erase it. The runway is now dominated by flat-chested, rail-thin giants like him. More friendly than flirtatious, Pejic said he’ll chat with both men and women while out in public, but remained coy about his sexual identity and his romantic life." "Now, I tend to use the women's room because it's a lot less complicated," he said. "When I try to use the men's room it's like, 'Please leave,' when I want to go to the toilet. I don't want to go through the whole process."

The two articles below talk about 'passing the sick bucket', ugh, lord. There is still stigma about transgender individuals: