Tuesday, September 20

Charlie Sheen Roast Review

Originally I thought this was going to be a disaster but it was pretty good and funny. They even tore Seth Macfarlene a new one. Kate Walsh (Private Practice) was there, everyone made fun of her, she was cruel but not so funny. She resorted only to gay jokes Jon Lovitz promised to be pathetic but he was quite funny. They all made fun of Partice O'Neal's diabetes and he rightfully complained about it. Seth was the only one to poke at many of Charlie's quotes like a Vatican assassin. At the end, Charlie says he has seen the error of his ways and that he will change. It is sort of humbling and a little discerning, because we expect him to be nuts and upset, but in the end, he learned his lesson... he says. Oh and I forgot to mention Mike Tyson's smart ass jokes but his voice and accent ruined it. William Shatner gave some sage advise, but I don't think I will be giving it a second look.