Thursday, October 7

Project Runway Ivy Returns and Drama Ensues

Lots of drama has been in a workroom, but never this much. The old designers return and Ivy tells the people in the room that Michael C. cheated in one challenge, using tape to hold up the dress. Michael gets flustered and then he says 'fuck' to her. Ivy says he is the devil. Michael is offended. Ivy even mentions that he shouldn't be cursing because he's son will see it on TV. Ivy then proceeds to talk to Mando and Mando doesn't want to hear it. Ivy mentions karma and the producers decide to show video of her getting pocked in the eye after she says that in an interview. Hilarious. Tim Gunn says it is 'he say' 'she say', that it is a non case. Michael confessed that he was sad. Tim said to put it behind him. Ivy is bitter and she is a bitch. She should just get over it. Michael is hurt and I get it when you are in a room with people who resent you, but you got to get over it to and move on. It is a competition, it is not the Real World.

I am surprised so many people want Michael C out, especially the girls. And it was Mondo and Gretchen that had a tough discussion with Heidi. Heidi can be super strict and super German and it got real tense. I felt sorry for Mondo. Mondo and Gretchen could have handeled it better. Gretchen is so two-faced, she said Michael C should have gone and then she 'supports' him and tells him to move on. One of the judges mentions that the outfits look like they are worth $10 but that is Heidi's brand! That is the looks she showed the gang, they looked cheap, I mean, they are meant for middle-class mothers. I think Christopher got brought down by Ivy, Ivy kept reassuring him and giving him ideas, making his stuff look blah. Christopher has a cute boyfriend but his fashion is bland and not for fashion week, he did really get real far so kudos. Christopher never got a win before.

It is hard this year to tell who will be the final 3, every year it is kinda easy to tell. This time, it could be anyone. April is strong. Gretchen could had been an easy bet in the beginning, but now I am not sure. I know for sure Mondo will be one. Andy, I don't like his clothes or his peck face but some people like him. And Michael C., even though the judges love him, he might not make it. So it could be Gretchen-Mondo-Andy or it could be April-Gretchen-Mondo or Mondo-Michael-April or Gretchen-Michael-Mondo or Mondo-April-Andy.