Monday, October 5

Zombieland Movie Review

The comedy about a world dominated with zombies and with very little normal humans left, is not a laugh-out-loud movie but it has its moments and is quirky. It is rather short though, at a slender 80 minutes. Jesse Eisenberg is the protagonist and narrator, a neurotic love-sick lonely homebody young man, who has developed his own rules for surviving, which we see visually throughout the movie. Along the way, he meets badass zombie killer played by Woody Harrelson, who doesn't want to know people's names, not to grow attached, so we know them by the cities they are from or going to. Zombieland was originally thought of as a CBS TV series and it sort of shows in plot, but in thematic style, it doesn't. It is a good movie. And for zombie lovers, there is plenty of blood, gore, and guts. Unfortunately, we don't get to see a decapitation in one scene. And a surprise cameo from someone ghostly familiar with comedies! The girls played by that chick from Superbad and Abigail Breslin---are annoying as con-artist sisters.