Monday, October 26

Glee gets 22 full episodes this season

Fox has ordered a full 22 episodes from Glee, meaning there will be 13 more episodes to look forward to. Usually when there is a new show, it gets 13 initial episodes but most seasons are 22 episodes (except for "24" which is 24 each obviously). So it has now been ordered for a full season. Entertainment Weekly reports that the plan for the last episodes is that they will go against one school and the producers say have a 3-year plan, so after that, they can go for State and then nationals and hopefully, after other countries. The producers say that they spoke to FOX and they say it is okay, they joke they will go after 'Russia.' I would say China. Some people have complained that "Glee" is not creative and has perpetuate stereotypes (sassy black girl, effeminate gay boy, etc.) but I find this as a satire/farce, they are more than that. They might start as those archetypes but they are more than that. For example, Kurt (the gay guy) has been allowed to be a football player. And I love how most of the boys don't know the definition of most big words, it's cute.