Thursday, October 15

Project Runway Season Six Episode Nine review

The challenge was to make a Bob Mackey-inspired dress with glitz and glam for Christina Aguilera on stage. Carol Hannah was a surprise, I liked her dress, she was not crazy about it, because she is not used to glitz and glamor. Irina was a total bitch about Carol Hannah, and Nicholas, who is also a bitch, said on the show that Irina is a great designer but a bitch. It's ironic since Nicholas poo poos on other people. It was so funny that Irina was just excused and passed, she was neither on the bottom nor on the top. Hilarious! Gordana had immunity and had a break down and was told by Heidi Klum that she would had been eliminated. Tim Gunn was totally harsh on them all and I liked what he said to Nicholas, that his dress was a clone of his winning Ice Queen dress and he did change it enough and the gang didn't notice it. They liked his dress, I hate that it was white.

I wish Logan ran with his dress, Logan has been safe and has been in the bottom and I can now literally say he has skimmed by before because he is handsome. Christopher... third time you are out!!! Come on, what is happening? First with a pumpkin dress, then the trash bag and now, this weird "The Littles" dress with giant buttons. Very tasteless. Christopher takes this stuff way too personal. If he did mention that he was in the bottom twice, so then the editor didn't put it in and I think we needed it, to know at least he was acknowledging this in his design process but it seems he didn't. He just kept going with his blinders on and having no formal fashion education is not an excuse. And Judge Nina hasn't been on the show a lot and it surprises me she knows who the designers are and what they did if she has been absent. Please, we want Nina and Kohrs back next season all season! But it was great having Bob Mackey and Christina as judges, they have so much to add and say.

And like last week, I didn't like Heidi's look this week. Last week she looked like a nurse in scrubs, this week she looked like Up-tight Corporate Bitch Barbie. Anyway, the winner was Carol Hannah (well deserved!!!)--I kind of knew she was gonna win since they focused more on her and her flirting with Logan in this episode and the kicked out one was Shirin. Shirin's fashions have been declining since a few episodes ago, I can't pin point it. But now for sure, we can tell who more or less will be the top three (more or less)... For sure Althea and Carol Hannah or Irina, with maybe either Nicholas or Christopher, it's hard to tell, they can fall either way. For sure, Gordana and Logan may be out soon. And like I said, with Christopher, he could be out as easily as that. Hey, the final 3 may be all women like last year! Who knows?