Thursday, October 8

Project Runway Season Six Episode Eight Review

What was Heidi Klum wearing? She looked like a doctor, like she had scrubs on. I am surprised by Gordana, she really did make a beautiful great dress. And wow! She won! Shirin had a stressful situation and her client was horrible nightmare and I am glad to turned out fine. And for Irina, even though she is bitchy, the dress she did was beautiful so the boost from winning twice really has helped her. Great that Irina didn't win yet another challenge. Poor Christopher! He failed twice, he needs to look far from his dress and say--what will it be compared to? Let me stay away from this. Last time he brought out a Pumpkin dress and now a garbage bag. The men failed at this challenge, they just didn't get it, most men fail at making clothes that flatters a woman's body. You gotta make women feel sexy and not make them look bad! Forget your damn 'aesthetic!' And Logan, grow some balls man! A freaking shock he didn't get kicked out, he should have been kicked out. Epperson was not that bad, I think Logan's outfit was worse. Epperson did get pretty far and had a positive attitude and wish him the best.