Friday, October 23

Good Dollhouse Season 2 Episode

Fourth Episode of Season 2, great episode! It was written by actress/writer Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (Joss' brother). It was a Sierra episode, an origin story and guest starred the sexy and talented Vincent Ventresca ("Invisible Man"). It tells the story of an Australian artist Priya, picked up and seduced by a rich doctor (Ventresca) and she rebuked his advances. He set up an art gallery show with a bunch of dolls, since he was the friend of the owner of the Dollhouse. He couldn't have her so he drugged her to make her seem crazy, put her in an insane asylum. She was then turned into a doll named Sierra. So the doctor kept engaging with her, the only one to take her as a doll. Basically raping her. And Topher gets his first moral dilemma. Well, watch the full episode on