Thursday, October 22

Project Runway Season Six Episode 10 Review

Thank god Nicholas is out!!! I have been so waiting for him to be kicked out. Christopher has been in the bottom three eliminations in a row, his ex-model even said he should be kicked out. He had such a sad puppy face when he was on the bottom two, Nicholas was okay about it. I think Christopher will go out by next week judging by his shocked face. Logan might be out too, it's between the two. I am turning around about Gordana, but I think the top 3 will be Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea. Althea has not faltered, maybe not hit the mark but hasn't been in the bottom. Mila J. was a great judge! She should be a guest judge more often! She was really funny when she said if the show was called 'Project' Logan would win it.