Sunday, October 11

Family Guy's Different Porns

Family Guy seems to have a porn for everything, they are missing 'Deaf Porn.'

British Porn
"North by North Quahog"
Setup: Peter is watching it in a hotel.
Cutaway: The British man is on top of the woman and says 'almost, almost, done.' And then she says 'well done.'

Jewish Porn
"Padre De Familia"
Setup: "We are gonna patrol the borders, and keep this town as clean as a jewish porno." -Peter
Cutaway: A dressed man and woman on their bed, the man tells the woman all the money and stuff he has. She says they will have sex at some point.

Senior Citizen Porn
"Boys Do Cry"
Setup: Chris says something is kinkier than Senior Citizen Porn.
Cutaway: An old man comes to an old woman and she asks if he has new slacks.

Silent Movie Porn
"Road to Germany"
Setup: Where Brian says this sort of porn is irresponsible.
Cutaway: We see a man and woman in black and wight in bed and then title card.

Wheelchair Porn
"Cool Hand Peter"
Setup: Joe talking. No cutway, just says wheels mash into each other.