Wednesday, October 21

I discover the Skelanimals

At Target stores, they are featuring these cutie Skelanimals. The copyright says 2008, I guess they have been around for a while. There is clothing and stuff animals. Art Impressions' site says that their demo is pre-teens, collectors, Girls 6-13 and chridren ages 4-6. The Keep the Party Alive - EP is an EP by the Rock/Crunk band Family Force 5 that is exclusive to the store Target to promote the Halloween merchandise for Skelanimals. This EP was announced on the band's MySpace and by their premium fan club on September 9th which included a CGI promo video with the band's song "Keep the Party Alive" playing during it. What is disturbing is their stories on how they became Skelanimals.

Sample poem:
Kit had a head bigger than her body.
The laughs she endured rang all through the lobby.
Looking at the pool she would see her reflection.
Wishful thinking for her water friend connection.
She slipped and fell as she looked nearer.
No more laughter and jokes would she hearrr….