Thursday, October 1

Project Runway Season Six Episode Seven review

Yay! Michael Kohrs is back, he should be through the whole season. He would poo-poo on some of the winners this season. This week was another team-up and who knew the one to do badly with each other---Gordana and Irina, won the challenge. And the ones who got along with each other and pat each other on the back---the sexy and sweet Christopher and Epperson, were trampled on each other. Kohrs and Heidi were vicious on them. While, Louise and Nicholas---even though Nicholas is a bitch, he said the truth--the ruffles on Louise's dress were not going to help her. Louise was dumped. Nicholas was lucky to have immunity. Also, Shirin and Carol Hannah's designs looked similar to Irina and Gordana's, they went hand in hand. I thank the lord Christopher did not get kicked out!!!!! I really thought for a second he was gonna be kicked up, he has so much talent and has been applauded so much, it is like Ra'mon, Ra'mon shouldn't had been kicked out. Irina was such a bitch and shouldn't had won, now her ego has been boosted, I wish she gets hers next week. Gordana should have been kicked out, she's boring and her accent is annoying.