Monday, January 29

Wife saves Husband from Mountain Lion

Last week at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in Northern California, sixty-five year old Nell Hamm saved her seventy year old husband Jim from a female Mountain Lion. She used a log, when that didn't work, she stabbed the lion with a pen her husband suggested in the eye and that didn't work either. She tried to stick again. [According to AOL news] She managed to get her husband's head out of the lion's mouth. The lion mauled his face, inflicted other ruptures and scratches, and teared off part of his lips. "Hamm is taking antibiotics to prevent infection, but doctors remained concerned about bacteria entering his body from the cat's claws and mouth." Game wardens closed the park after the attack and released hounds to track the lion. The wardens shot from a chopper and killed a pair of lions found near the trail where the attack happened. "The carcasses of the lions – believed to be siblings – were flown to a state forensics lab, where researchers identified the female lion as the attacker. She did not have rabies. " Never underestimate a six-something woman when her love is in peril.