Friday, January 19

Scrubs Musical Review

Much like Buffy's "One More with Feeling" muscial in season six, "Scrubs" had a musical with original songs that advanced the plot and let the characters express their emotions. The episode is more like an Orpah because they barely talk. The songs are more like rip-offs than pastiches of every musical from "Wizard of Oz" to "Grease." The episode centers around a young woman who faints at the park and suddenly everything is like a musical. Unfortuantely the episode tries 'tricks' like foggy lense ala a dream sequence and out of place transitions. Also to excuse them singing, the patient is in almost every scene but they cheat almost at the end. They cram generic 'introduction to Scared Heart hospital' songs, songs describing the characters (Turk and JD sing the best song in the episode "Guy Love and Dr. Cox and Janitor sings how much they hate JD).

J.D. and Turk turn out to be the best singers. Dr. Cox and Janitor suck at singing. One song that doesn't quite work muscially but it does advance the episode is where everyone says how much they will miss Carla if she takes a break from work for a year. The patient who hears the songs also has her emotional storyline with a satisfying finale. The cast seemed like they really enjoyed singing and dancing.

Grade: B