Monday, January 29

Nick Turnbull returns to Miami just after signing wih the Bears

Nick Turnbull is a football player that was the perspective leader of the Florida International University Football team that began in 2002. In 2006 he was drafted to the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent and recently was 'claimed off of waivers' (whatever that means) by the Chicago Bears on December 12, 2006. Ironically, the Chicago Bears are playing at the Super Bowl in Miami, near his hometown. (He was born in Miramar and the Dolphin Stadium is not technically in Miami but nearby.)

I don't know for sure if he will be playing in the Super Bowl, probably not. I went to the FIU as well, I think I graduated before he did. All the girls would swoon over him. He would hang around the main building where I worked. I remember he used to smile a lot and had a good demeanor most of time. I managed to gather some. Especially of his piercing eyes.

I don't think he has played yet for the Bears (he has joined the team at the tail end) but he is on a lot of webpages as part of the Bears team.

You can see his eyes popping out there, he is the one to the right.