Saturday, January 27

My assement of Hilary Clinton as the possible first female US President

I always think women should be treated equally and women are just as strong and important as men. It is ridiculous to me that it has to be proven. I come from a family of strong independent women so that may be a factor. Anyhoo, I also believe that the United States is long overdue for diversity in their 'commander in chief' but unfortunately in politics there is a lot of 'Token-ism.' That politicians are simply trotted about by what they represent. If anything, I think the 'first' of anything will be a bit token.

Now on to Hilary Clinton, she like many women in power--particularly in the United States--are reduced in the media. They may say they are 'bitches' or 'butch' or 'lesbians' in negative connotations. For example, Janet Reno and Margaret Thatcher are brought down a peg or two regularly. So in many instances, Hilary Clinton--who did not have any power before she was senator--was also made out to be this shrill Lesbian bitch. My father believes if she becomes President, she will be some what like Jimmy Carter: soft. I think she will be anything but. But there comes the Double Standard. If she isn't tough, they will say she is soft and if she is, they will say she is on her period or something stupid like that.

I was fairly certain that she would be able to win the Democratic primary but now that Obama is running as well, we have to see. Even if his name is very similar to a certain hard-to-find wanted man, he might get the torch. But I wouldn't be surprised if she gets John Edwarded and shows up as a Vice-President on the 2008 ballot.