Thursday, January 25

Fire when ready

All this buzz about the possibility of Isaiah Washington being fired because of his comments about T.R. during shooting and at Golden Globes press conference. I saw the video, he busted through his fellow cast members and the creator of the show, grabbed the mic and said, "No I didn't call T.R. a faggot." He said like it was nothing and he was too cool. Now, why did he apologize a few weeks ago? And the way he said it was very unpleasing. I totally understand why Karherine Heigl. His character story lines are weakening and not being as interesting, so it would be no lost. As for this 'counseling' stuff, that is no surprise and complete bull and Jay Leno predicted it.

In the latest information, Sloan, Addison, McDreamy, and Isaiah's character were all hungry for being chief when the chief retired and Miranda was the most logically candidate. I think those characters have to eat their guff and let her shine.