Monday, January 29

Unknown Hotties of the Week 1/29/07

Mike Dunleavy, Jr.
26-year old 6 foot 9 Basketball player who has been recently traded from the Golden State Warriors to the Indiana Pacers.

He is the son of the current coach of the L.A. Clippers. Hey sport fans, why those Los Angeles have two Basketball teams?

No comment.

Steve Segerlin
He will be 22 in March, he is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a diver.

He has been in national events since 2001 and International since 1998. He actually began diving in 1994.

He got in the bronze U.S. Open last April at the Indiana University Natatorium.

George Slebi
He is Colombian actor, he played Damian in the telenovela 'Floricienta.'

He got his start in 'Protagnists de Novela 2' (a Big Brother-ish show) in Colombia.