Sunday, November 8

Taylor Swift on Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift did a decent job tonight, she had terrific delivery--especially with The View segment as Kate (from Kate plus 8). It is clear she was nervous, that she kept staring blankly when she stared forward. Some of her reactions were much like with a little kid from Nickelodeon, that it was timed and sometimes didn't match and she would take a deep breath before her line. Also, you can clearly seen to be staring at cue cards. Yes, I am harsh, and like a typical internet blogger, but I love her and I think she should have just relaxed. I think it was a bit too soon to have her do SNL, that she should have had more acting practice. It was a funny episode, with their funniest regular characters back (Peneolpe, Macintosh). They certainly were creative when characters for Taylor to play... Kate and Skeet Delvin--a white female counterpart to Macintosh (Kennan).