Wednesday, November 4

Comcast Commercials with ditzy women

There are these two annoying commercials that keep airing again and again and driving me crazy. I can't find the video, but one is about a woman named Jen who always is surfing the internet and finding out 'information'--just useless trivia. For example, "Did you hear about the man that is turning into a tree?" "This woman fell in love with the Eiffel tower and married it!" And another woman who just can't stop talking. She then goes, "Where was I going with that?" And the female narrator says, "It doesn't matter where is going with that..." If it doesn't matter, then why even mention it? I am afraid these two Comcast commercials make sound like these women are ditzy and all their costumers want is to talk and talk and are dumb. They are belittling their costumers. And these commercials are annoying, not as irritating as others, but still. ANd I am tired of hearing, "And in Amebia (sp), I heard..."