Friday, November 6

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

The Chippettes debut in the new movie coming in December... Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. I saw first their new look in the trailer on the Aliens in the Attic DVD. The only other show or film they appear in was the 80's Animated Series and Animated Movie. So, let's compare the outfits from how they were in the 80's. I like their new outfits. Of course, their colors are pink, purple, and sea-green, compared to the boy Chipmunks' red, blue and green. Britney has a tie, small pink jacket, and pink skirt; compared to her top, skirt, large bow and leg warmers. Of course, she can't have leg warmers now since that was a 80's fashions. She now has a thin tie, which Eleonore had a tie. Ties were in fashion in the 80's, and they are now in style once again.

Eleonore's tie was thick back then. Jeannette now has a nice jean jacket, magenta shirt underneath, and purple skirt; compared to a large navy sweater, purple skirt and large socks that spill out of her shoes. Where all the Chippettes had shoes before, they have none now like the boy Chipmunks in the movies. Eleanore has a sensible dress and sweater over it; before she had a private school outfit. They have the same hairstyles. When they were in the cartoon, they had human-like skin and little fur, while now they look more like the Chipmunks and lighter color fur. Anna Faris voices Britney, Christina Applegate voices Jeannette, and Amy Poehler voices Eleanor. Amy Poehler is way funny and wild, I don't think Eleanor (she is sweet and motherly) is the right character for.