Monday, November 23

Claire's same sex realtionship on Heroes

Claire's lesbian kiss was all the rage in the media, but what about how it is being treated. Actually Heroes is treating the relationship pretty well, it is a relationship. They have said so. Gretchen starts out as a creepy character but appearances are deceiving, she is a pretty awesome and sweet character. It is not even a lark, just a kiss. They really care about each other. Claire finds love, she finds someone who adores her and knows who she is, her secret. It is actually sweet. Even her dad knows but they don't mention the word 'gay' or 'experimenting,' just relationship. He even invites Gretchen to Thanksgiving when Claire is down. I love the scene a few weeks ago where Claire assumes Grecthen 'has herself figured out' just because she came out and Gretchen clarifies it. Also mentioning that she has dated more men than women. And it's not even like Willow + Tara in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" where Willow discovered she was a lesbian in college. Claire is not going to up and 'come out,' it's private---it was private for Willow and Tara at first too, but I don't think the producers will leave Claire to only be attracted to men, she may just be bisexual, more interesting. Since her highschool friend Zach [Thomas dekker] was bisexual but NBC didn't approve of it and it wasn't officially mentioned on the show.