Wednesday, November 18

Glee Episode Review "Ballad"

This episode was about crushes. It is also the episode where Finn and Quinn's parents find out about the baby. Rachel falls for Will and Will knows the look on his face and tries to refuse her. He sings a song to defuse her with Emma in the room. Emma also is infatuated with him. They both don't get it, it is an awesome scene, they both fall for him even more. Rachel tries singing the 90's song "Crush" and he cuts off the song. Finn and Kurt team up, Kurt's crush over Finn and in trying to bond with him, he re-enforces Finn. Finn and Kurt bond over their lost parents, Kurt over his dead mother and Finn over his dead dad. Their scenes are sweet. For the series Glee, I've been waiting for Cory Moteith to snap out of character of Finn, from the teenage character to his real-life 27 year-old self and he did briefly with a look he flashes to Kurt, when he said something inappropriate. I am surprised Finn even understands what Kurt is saying since he uses more advanced words than Rachel does and Finn can not always get the words she says. I love that Finn calls Kurt for advice when he freaks out at Quinn's parent's house.

New character Suzy Pepper [Played by Sarah Drew who played Hannah Rogers in Everwood and sentimental Fashion Club member Stacy Rowe in "Daria."] also has a crush on Will and straightens out Rachel. Puck reveals the truth that he is the father of Quinn's baby to Mercedes, instead of blabbing it like a stereotypical sassy black woman [Like Lisa of Saved by the Bell] and she tells him off to not mess with Quinn like a stereotypical sassy black woman. But it was a good scene, it was very truthful. These sort of things does happen in real life from school to school. And casting Gregg Henry as Quinn's dad was a bit expected as he plays formidable male characters.