Thursday, November 19

Project Runway Season 6 Finale

I didn't think Athlea was gonna win, I hope Carol Hannah was gonna win and I knew Irina was gonna win. Irina is a bitch, but she deserved it and I love that she got to show off to her father. She said he didn't think she would have no future without a husband I love that he cried, she said she was amazed that he cried and she was touched. Even though I would have wished she had more color in her collection (the judges told her the same), her collection was more cohesive and looked more professional. She can make gold out of dirt. At least she said she had stiff competition. Entertainment Weekly said that the three didn't get to speak on the runway show because of secrecy but they did... weird.

Project Runway Season 7 starts this January 13, 2009!!!!
And they are back in NEW YORK!