Thursday, November 5

Project Runway Final Three for Season Six

I knew Gordana and Christopher were going to be voted out. I knew that Althea, Irina, and Carol Hannah were going to win. The second time they had a trio of women! Yay! Great. Gordana and Christopher got pretty far, Gordana for someone with no personal fashion vision and Christopher that doesn't know how what fabrics to use, doesn't know how to design for a woman's body and doesn't have an editorial eye, he is too much into his own head. And Gordana is a great seamstress but has nothing new to show, very safe. Irina is also bitter and that spills into her fashion, making it bland and 'seen that-done that.' Irina gets lucky, she has a sophisticated taste but many times she doesn't know what it will be until the end. Carol Hannah has great taste, style and execution, she has few weaknesses, just does mostly dresses but she knows how to design for a woman's body. I am rooting for Carol Hannah, she reminds me of Leann of last season. Althea has a great vision, very innovative and tailored and really thinks things through. But sometimes she over-designs and gets a bit overzealous.