Sunday, November 22

Auntie Momma--Cleveland Show, a parody of Madea

On the Cleveland Show, a parody of Madea from the Tyler Perry movies called Auntie Momma appeared in tonight's Thanksgiving show. She continues to say "I'm Outrageous!" Cleveland finds out that Auntie Momma was born a man and still has his--pickle, what they called it on the show. It was a great episode because it did not just stay there, Cleveland's nasty father was going to have sex with her and he was going to warn her, but there was a lot of layers. It turns out Auntie Momma was Cleveland's new wife's uncle and when she was young and was without a mama, he became her female adult figure. Well, it was not all great---there was a disturbing sequence with Clint Eastwood in the crapper, it was way darker than anything on Family Guy. Also, Cleveland didn't want his son to touch anything that Auntie touched.