Saturday, July 26

Tiny Toon Adventures on DVD

After years and years of waiting, after Pinky & the Brain (which came out years after this series) was released two years ago, Tiny Toon **cking Adventures is coming out on DVD. But it is Season 1 Volume 1, it doesn't guarantee the other volumes. It has 35 episodes, the first season had 65 episodes, which is the full amount a cartoon show was allowed to have back when. The show came out in 1990. I remember following this show to a tee, seeing the premiere of the first episode on CBS, which was shorten in syndication. After a successful year in syndication, it was picked up on FOX and showed on weekdays and Saturdays. My parents to this day are still quoting the straight-to-VHS movie How I Spent My Summer Vacation. It is $30, but fans, if you want more, buy it!