Thursday, July 10

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, her cred

I think people are too hard on Kathy. She is funny and smart. Yes I am in her demographic as a gay guy but as a fan, I was insulted by Entertainment Weekly insinuation in an article about her last month, stating that her fan base is a 'rare' species, that is celebrity obsessed. I find her comedy a bit broader. Especially in her reality show, she has sarcasm and self-evading humor. She has some relatable issues on the show---like people judging her and caring about her dog's behaviors. Her show has been awesome lately---when she went to Australia and interacted with Cyndi Lauper, Margret Cho, Lance Bass, Carson (from Queer Eye), and Olivia Newton John. Also, the Rosie visit was cool, especially that her children painted on her Emmy awards (She has 7) and Kathie adores her Emmy.

I like when she gets jealous of her mother stealing her 'gay' (her friend), and then introduces her to the world of Bears and hands her a magazine. And of course, Team Griffin is priceless. Jessica says she 'wouldn't hang out with [Kathy's boyfriend at the time Steve Woz' assistant] in high school.' The dancing bear almost fainted in seeing Kathy. I love Jessica, expecially when she had to hold it down with Steve, who was trying to give away 'merch.' As for hatin', that is always is going to happen. Everyone is gonna hate her, but I love her, she is in between, an 'insider' celebrity talking about other celebrities but not above publicity. It's just very self-aware as well. She's making me laugh and she's having fun, so that's all that is important.