Monday, July 14

Generation X FOX TV Movie (1996)

In 1996, at the height of popularity of the 1992 X-Men animated series, a TV-Movie was produced by New World Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment on FOX. It was based on the comic book series "Generation X," which was the younger sect of Mutants mentored/lead by the White Queen and Banshee. Many fans don't like this movie, I liked it a bit when it first came out and now, seeing clips on YouTube, it is not so bad. It actually has some issues from the X-Men movies, like mutant registry and 'terrorism' is thrown around. It infamously featured a Caucasian Jubilee, which got lots of people angry, she is Asian in everything else. What I don't remember was that Emma Frost, was played by Finola Hughes, who is best known for All My Children and being the Halliwell's mother Patty in "Charmed." I knew her from "Blossom" as the step-mother. What I didn't knwo was that there is another version of this movie, outside of the United States, it had curse words, crude humor and racial slurs. One character calls another a 'wetback,' and in one good scene, a male student doubts he can concentrate and relax at the same time and Frost says to think about when he is 'playing with himself.'

Other than Finola Hughes, the cast included Jeremy Ratchford as Banshee, Heather McComb as Jubilee, Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) as the bad guy Russel--exclusive to the movie. From the Generation X movie, M (super strong and abilities, 'perfect'), Mondo (can take on the properties of a material he absorbs) and Skin (stretch skin, wrap around). The other two mutants of the original comic line-up were Chamber (whose chest and jaw was fire--or psionic energy ) and Husk (she sheds skin to another form of metal or something else), and they added characters in place of them. One was Refrax, who everyone thinks had a waste of a power because his was just x-ray laser eyes, but I think it was more like their 'Cyclops.' And another was Buff, who was the only one who got a superhero 'suit' at the end of the movie, as seen below. Her mutation increases her muscle mass and strength and she is ashamed of it. Refrax and Buff also kinda hooked up, much like Chamber and Husk in the comics.