Monday, July 7

New Venture Bros Season Three so far

We have been waiting desperately for Season Three of the Venture Brothers and it exceeds all expectations. The new season started June 1st and so far there has been 6 episodes. For those who don't know this show, it airs on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network and it is a parody/homage comedy/adventure series with its own extensive mythology. It stars Dr. Rusty Venture, a former adventurer boy who can't get out of the shadow of his super scientist father and is not much a successful scientist. He has two teenage excitable sons Hank and Dean. Their bodyguard is Brock Samson, makes everyone fear him and can kill anyone. Brock is 'strong, but silent'-type and a hair-trigger temper.

"Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny"
It starts out as a continuation of the 2-part season two finale. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend are taken by the mysterious Guild of Calamitous Intent and interrogated about Phantom Limb. It is an awesome love letter to the two characters, have great gags and pay-offs. It has some flashbacks that continue the mythology and establishes the theme of the third season.

"The Doctor Is Sin"
As the Monarch is no longer the arch villain of Dr. Venture, a bunch of people are trying to take the spot. Dr. Henry Killinger comes in and cleans up the place, giving Venture a new look and big crew. Although, in the end this is a plot for him to begin 'arching' his brother Jonas Junior. It is an awesome episode with a unique twist and everyone is in love with the character of Killinger.

"The Invisible Hand of Fate"
We are finally served up the origin of not only Quiz Boy (Billy), but also Phantom Limb. This episode ties up many characters together, but it does feel rushed. For me, this episode could have been a movie, maybe a straight-to-dvd since it isn't about the main characters but nevertheless. The picture to the left has Colonel Hunter Gathers of OSI in drag, as he later had a sex change to become a woman.

The first three episodes feel like vintages or mini-movies.

"Home is Where the Hate is"
The Monarch and Doctor Girlfriend have moved into Phantom Limb's former home, a gated community for supervillains. Sergeant Hatred throws a villain party, in which the Ventures go to as well. There are so delightful gags such as playing a 'guess your identity' game and Dr. Girlfriend didn't know she was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Nice gags but not entirely memorable.

"The Buddy System"
Rusty tries to build on his fame of a show he did when he was a kid to have a daycamp of adventuring. I feel this episode mostly served as the introduction to the possibility that new character Dermott Fictel (who Hank befriends) is Brock's son. But has hilarious moments such as The Order of the Triad do a 'rap' of safety.

"Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman"
A wonderful episode. It had to happen some time, the main four characters are served their female counterparts and it is obvious the writers worked real hard to define these characters. Funny enough, Rusty thinks his old childhood pal Tara Quymn's bodyguard Ginny is a man. Ginny is an interesting complex character, never being with a man, she is a flood of emotions with Brock. Of course, Hank and Dean are served twins Drew and Nancy and a love triangle occurs. Also, Tara is Col. Gentleman's step-daughter. And her picture was seen in a previous episode: "Home is Where the Hate is."

"The Buddy System" and "Dr. Quymn, Medicine Woman" both go back into the spirit of the regular past 'fun' episodes, while the first three have a completely different feel.