Saturday, July 26

Journey to the Center of the Earth-(no 3D) review

The last 3-D movie I have seen was Muppets in 4-D at what is now Disney Studios, I know that technology has gotten better since then but I didn't mind when they told me that they didn't have the 3-D version at the theater I went to, I didn't mind. I know its been two weeks since this movie came out, but I think it is interesting to hear a review from the perspective of seeing the movie that is not in 3-D. My mom (who is in her sixties) wanted to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, because she was in love with the 1959 version. When I went to see Prince Caspain, with a friend and we saw the trailer to this movie, he thought this was the new Mummy movie because of Fraser.

Fraser plays a professor whose brother was presumed dead ten years ago, that was a 'Vernian' and believe in the center of the Earth. But it just so happens that his brother's son (Josh Hutcherson from Bridge to Terbithia, RV, and Zathura) is on his way for a visit. With his nephew, comes the Jules Verne book with notes leading them to Iceland where they go with a tour guide Anite Briem (who indeed is from Iceland). Briem is a dead-ringer for Emilie de Ravin ("Lost"). When it is not in 3-D, it is obvious that they do the 3-D 'tricks.' Seth Meyers (SNL), who does a cameo in the movie, can be seen sighing when he has to do one of these 'tricks.'

The movie tries to be scientific but when you are doing a movie about an 'air bubble' in the center of the Earth, where there is magma, it is going to come off futile. There are cute birds (above) and one that tags along with them--which I believe is the dead brother/father's spirit. Thank god it doesn't talk or interacts too much, this what animal sidekicks should aspire to be. The movie has no real antagonists except for the supposedly extinct creatures like dinosaurs and killer piranhas and the only thing the characters learn is that they love each other. Also, to be more modern, the woman is the strong one and always saves the day--well she ties with Fraser's character. She also does all the work and has a bag full of endless supplies.

It is a cute family film, it is fun and exciting. The effects and graphics are visual stunning, but teeter from believable to too obvious green screen. If you got kids that can't sit down and shut up, I suggest this movie. If you are between the ages of 18 and 50 and have no kids or elderly parents, then you might not like this movie. My mom liked it but not as much as the original. My grandma, who is in her seventies loved it.