Tuesday, July 15

Heroes Season Three - Villains

As many fans already know 'chapter 3' Villains of "Heroes" was going to be in Season 2, but because of the Writer's strike, it has been pushed into Season 3, which will have more than the normal amount of episodes. Now, 'Villains' isn't going to be as simple as it sounds, it will delve into the villain-side of everyone. Especially the highly-publicized dark side of Claire (Hayden Panettiere). Now, one new character has been revealed---a rival for Hiro. Her name is Daphne, or rather, "The Speedster." Her power is super speed, sounds done but listen to this: When Hiro stops time, Daphne slows to regular speed. I rarely gush at actresses... Brea Grant, who played Jean [a sassy brainy rocker who like Landry (Jesse Plemons)] on "Friday Nights Lights." I think this is brilliant casting, Hiro needs a rival that can ruffle his feathers.