Monday, March 28

Victoria Jackson's attention getting about Glee Gay Kiss

Okay, my friends already heard me rant about this. Victoria Jackson, Saturday Night Live alum is now trying to get attention (from already declaring that the president is a communist) by being outraged by Kurt and Blaine kissing in Glee. She said she loved the show, that she identified with Kurt's struggle, and that she knows her gay friends are probably not going to approve (are you kidding me? Of course not, you stupid bitch). And now she is getting flack and rightly so. For some time, Jackson has appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show and The 700 Club, claiming to be a devout Christian and fervent Republican. My friend brought up a good point in saying that she had no idea who Victoria Jackson was, and that proves what her impact has been. Her last acting role was in "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" in 2009 as Aunt Grace, aunt to one of the main characters, an aspiring writer. She needs help, really. And HLN and other news networks have to stop giving her attention.

She said that she knew other people felt like her and yes, that they do. And they aren't silenced at all, lady. You are silencing other people. You are just outraged about two kids in love? And you said it was the worse thing on TV? Hello?! Go complain about family Guy and blood coming out of a baby or the Jersey Shore, but not Glee. It has taken years for gay people to be taken seriously, let alone gay characters. Gay teens never gotten to kiss and they are a significant minority. Kurt and Blaine are positive role models, they don't do drugs, they don't drink too much (Blaine did but learned his lesson I hope), they care about others and represent so many kids out there. Do you know how many gay teen suicides happen every year Victoria?! Ugh, just go home and feed your cats.