Thursday, March 24

The Office "Garage Sale"

At first glance at this episode, I thought it would be stupid and thought it was a repeat. But I quickly realized it was a new episode and set in the warehouse where the gang is having a garage sale. Holly and Michael have a talk that might lead to marriage. She calls her mother and asks if Michael called and yes, he spoke to her father, but it seems her father has Alzheimer's. Pam catches Michael trying to light the parking lot on fire---he's bad idea to put gasoline in the name of "Will You marry Me" and light it up. So Pam convinces him it is a bad idea. Later, Holly explains that she has to go back home to take care of her father. Michael stops her from proposing to him and we are surprised by a touching proposal inside the office, which has hundreds of candles, but makes the water go off on top of Holly and Michael. Michael surprises the others by saying they are going to move. They are all shocked. I would say woo-hoo! Finally, bye-bye! This was Holly's last episode, so most likely she is moving first. I like these turns of events.

Next week Will Ferrell comes in, Michael got him to be the manager but they figure out it is not that great.