Monday, March 7

Greek Series Finale

I can't beleive they are ending the show I think because ABC Family probably doesn't have enough money. 4 seasons and only 2 years have passed by? You'd think the series would last longer? It was a really touching episode and I really wanted to cry. They teared down the Kappa Tau house. It was a touching episode. But Rusty and Asheligh? Still weird. I am glad they didn't pair up Dale and Rebecca. So in the end, Cappie and Casey drive away together, Casey to D.C. and Cappie graduated. Evan still in Law School. Rusty, Dale, and Rebecca still in school. Asheligh moved out of Rusty's house and has a job and in a relationship with Rusty. Calvin and his boyfriend Heath are to move to India. We are to assume that Heath graduated.