Friday, April 1

The mystery of Double Trouble

Currently there is this Master of Universe Classics series that has figures of He-man, Skeletor and the Masters of the Universe. But now there is Hordak, She-Ra, Grizzlor, and Bow. Soon Catra will come around as well. In that, I think back to She-Ra Princess of Power and how the 80's series and toys were treated. The toy line only had the girl characters and Bow but no Hordak. The Horde was a concept put in by Lou Scheimer for the cartoon t0 advertise Hordak, who was meant to be a villain of He-Man. Anyway, the only villain toys in the Princess of Power line was Catra and Entrappa, but Horde was not mentioned.

Double Trouble was one character that had a toy and even appeared in the first wave but didn't appear in the show ever. And this is a mystery. Her card said she was a spy and she had a 'good face' and a 'mean face.' Her toy came with a comic that didn't mention the Horde but that she was a good spy that pretended to be Catra's friend. I think it would had been an interesting concept for the show that she was a spy for the Great Rebellion and pretended to be part of the Horde.

An early prototype for Double Trouble had her different colors, in blue and purple, possibly to be a bad character.

She even appeared as part of the Great Rebellion in the coloring books. Fans hope she will be part of the MOTUC collection, I am hoping for Scorpia, who was a villain who appeared in the series but no toy. And MOTUC has made figures of obscure characters like Morla from Robot Chicken.