Thursday, March 3

Babies adicted to Pampers Wipes?

My one-year-old nephew seems to love the Pampers Wipes (sticking them in his mouth and sucking on them), I checked online if anyone has this problem.

Baby Club Forum

One mother says: She will grab for them and shove them in her mouth! I take them away as she will pull out her soother and shove in the wipes no matter what. I worry as sometimes she gets so much in her mouth I know she has sucked liquid out!

Another mother says: [My daughter] does the same, with asda own brand idea!

Another: We use the Pampers ones (with aloe and chamomile) and Maya would happily munch on them if I let her. I usually wipe her face with one after meal times and she always opens her mouth when she sees the wipe and gets all excited, it's funny.

Another: as far as I could make out from the ingredients there didn't appear to be anything that would cause any major problems. My LO loved to pull them out of the packet and stuff them in her mouth!

One theory: I think its something to do with iron deficiency in the body.or something is missing in their body maybe some type of vitamins.its called pica,n it affects pregnant women n son does the same thing.he eats all types of our country babies used to eat sand.odd!