Tuesday, March 8

Hurrah to Glee! Lesbians and Fluid Sexuality

For two years, Brittany and Santana have shared a close relationship, such much as to kissing and alluding to sexual activity. For a long time, it had been playing for comedy. But it did touch on the subject of teenage girls just playing around, not putting labels on things. Sometimes straight girls just kiss, doesn't mean they are lesbians. But tonight's episode "Sexy" touched on it more deeper. Santana realizes she does love Brittany and that she indeed love women and doesn't care about the 'boys.' She tells Brittany she doesn't care about the other men she had sex with. She mentions Finn and not Puck, strange enough. Brittany tells Santana that she does love her but she loves Artie and doesn't want to break up with him. of course, Santana doesn't take it well. One good line is when she says, "Whoever thought that being fluid meant you could be so stuck?" Fluid, as in sexuality is fluid. She told Rachael to not label her. She doesn't want to be labeled. And sexuality is fluid means sexuality changes.