Sunday, August 15

Seth Macfarlane on David Hasselhoff Roast

I think they picked a good host in Seth Macfarlane for the David Hasselhoff Roast, he knows how to be a jerk. I really wanted people to nail into how Seth is so smug and can't get over how bad "Dharma & Greg" was. Man, he won't stop talking about it, at least he didn't mention it on this Roast. Maybe he won't stop talking about it because he couldn't seal the deal with Jenna Elfman. But now Seth's new shtick is Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." The other roasters only made fun of how Family Guy is like the Simpsons and South Park rip-off, they didn't even mention how his other cartoons are just like the first one. They probably don't even watch the show, that's how D-list Seth is. All Lisa Lampelli could say was that his head was as big as her twat. At least Jeffery Ross did rip on Seth for having the SAME damn voice for 100 characters. And Hulk Hogan had to upstage it by dressing in bright yellow and orange, he could have just dressed regular.