Thursday, August 26

Project Runway Episode Review Teams

There were two teams: the Underdogs and the one out of the majority of winners and the self-proposed good ones. Six in each team. The loosing team (Team Luxe) was very bland and vanilla, how Kohrs said. Gretchen took over the team. I did like how she stood by and said that there was no weak link. When before she said Michael C. was the weak link. The proportions were bad and it all looked uniformed. Gretchen said she was going to double-back but she did, she back stabbed. Hilarious. They all picked on Michael, as they were repeatedly told that they couldn't take Michael home, that only of the 5. They ALL were jealous of Michael, and still didn't understand why he won last time. The judges really liked Michael's design last time. The judges thought it was because of his immunity. They don't know EVERYONE thinks Michael is weak. The biggest problem of the group was that they didn't do each outfit, they worked on different pieces. It was all confusing. The second problem is that the six have their big egos, so its hard to work together.

As for the winning team, the colors were awesome and it is so funny that Casanova won (I think he did deserve it), when he had a big drama queen moment and was doubting himself. He was brought back by his model. I think it was good they worked seperately on their own outfits, but had the common theme and accessories, that really went together. It was great they 'stepped it up a notch,' when I first saw this group, I honestly said out-loud that they were losers but they proved themselves, tremendously. They really had no leader and worked together. Peach did make a bit of conflict, but I think she was really nervous and brought it out. I liked the use of Spanish in this season, I think past seasons have avoided showing designers speaking Spanish.