Wednesday, August 18

Hilary Duff in GLSEN PSA

I can't believe this came from Hilary Duff's mouth! In this new PSA from GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network), she appears in a store where two teenage girls say "that's so gay." I have been fighting this for years! I hate it when my nephew said 'that's so gay' when he meant it was something negative. Hilary told the girl "You wouldn't want someone to say 'that's so a girl in a ugly top.'" or something like that. Great PSA! Lots of people who say 'that's so gay' think I'm being 'too sensitive' and say it is not anti-gay. But come and think of it, people say 'I'm Straight' for 'I'm good' and Straight is a positive thing and Gay is a negative thing. Even on "The Office", Michael Scott proved how it has became confused when he says "Gay used to mean happy, then it meant something dumb and now it means Homosexual."